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Postcard #2

Dear Fashion Worlds,

Did I ever tell you about ‘The day after’? Being a personal shopper means that I also have to deal with my clients’ wellbeing. ‘The day after’ a shopping tour is dedicated to relaxing. Fortunately Milan offers lots of possibilities as this same holistic concern is also emerging between Italian fashion brands and health industries in the city.

Stylists are not only concerned by ‘trucco e parrucco’ (hair & make up) during their fashion shows but they have enlarged their views, taking care of external image without forgetting psychic health. We already have branded cosmetics lines, branded make-up lines, branded restaurants, branded hotels. But now we also have branded Healthy Spas!

In my packages I always offer the possibility to book an ‘after-shopping day’ treatment at Dolce & Gabbana, Gianfranco Ferrè or Bulgari. A day of ‘shopping till you drop’ and a few hours of pleasant abandon to recover. Located in peaceful buildings, I find that all of these new Spas offer exhilarating treatments.

You just need to come over to Milan and try them!

Shopping & art advisor in Italy

12 July, 2004

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