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Fashion and the 'Cult of Celebrity': Why are we so fascinated by celebrities and their lifestyles? This article suggests how the 'Cult of Celebrity' is implicated in aspects of fashion in contemporary culture.

The Forces of Beauty and Desire in Fashion Imitation: Rene Girard's theory of mimetic desire offers some useful insights into the psychological power of beauty in fashion culture.

Fashion Statements: How do clothes 'talk' to their wearers and viewers? This article investigates the psychology of the fashion language.

Cell Phone Fashion: Personalizing Mass Production by Emily Sims: The rise of the fashion phone is inextricably linked with the consumer's desire to differentiate themselves from other consumers. Once a high-tech tool, the mobile phone is now a designer accessory. This article considers the implications.

Symbols of Radical Change by Kamau Mutunga: The current trend on the local fashion scene is a T-shirt bearing the portrait of Cuban revolutionary leader Ernesto "Che" Guevara. But although his familiar beard and beret are entering our fashion scene 38 years after his death in Bolivia, Guevara has long been a fashion statement and cultural icon in Latin American countries. This article considers how the trademark dressing of past heroes and legends such as Che Guevara, Mao Zedong and Nelson Mandela has dictated fashion trends.

In troubling times, pink is hot hue again by Joyce Gemperlein: It's axiomatic that when the world is at its cruelest, fashion turns to frills, innocence and caprice. But it's somewhat spooky to find out that the industry believes that it knows at least two years ahead of time that the world will be messy enough for us to want to dress like Barbie. This article considers the relations between colour in fashion and the prevailing sociological contexts.

Beneath Historic Fashions by Scott Simon: Some scholars wonder about the place of knickers, bustles and thongs in history, but underwear can tell us much about how people's habits and behaviors change over time.

Do real men wear sandals? by Jessica Jones: Designer flip-flops and open-toed shoes for men are hot this summer -- but research shows most males have a hard time revealing their toes in public.

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